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Rollerball pens provides smooth writing experience for the officers

Rollerball pens offer an alternative to the ballpoint pen as an everyday writing instrument. A rollerball pen provides a smooth writing experience, similar to that of a fountain pen, in the fact that they use gel or water based ink. They have the advantage over ballpoint pens that less pressure needs to be applied to make them write neatly. This means less stress is placed on the user and people tend to write more quickly. You can find best a5 plastic pockets here .

There is lots of choice when it comes to rollerball pens so if you need any assistance the office all sorts team is here ready to help you.  A fine liner pen is a pen with a narrow tip that is usually made of nylon fiber or plastic. Ink is fed to the tip by capillary action providing a continuous supply of ink when writing or drawing. Fine liner pens provide the user with a very fine writing line as the tip provides a line width of between 0.2mm and 1mm. These pens are ideal for those doing precision drawing work and stenciling such as architects, designers, graphic artists and illustrators. Document wallets are cardboard folders with a top fold and elastic sides.

Large amount of paper will be hold in the wallet for protection

They are a low cost document protection solution that is portable and can hold a large amount of paper. A normal capacity wallet can hold about 150 sheets of paper. We have two sizes of wallet accessible which are A4 and Foolscap. The Foolscap size is the most common as it is slightly larger than A4 size so can easily hold A4 and foolscap sheets. Plastic folders are a lightweight and practical way of storing and protecting official papers. Our plastic folders category includes a wide range of folder styles to suit your document storage needs.

Available in a number of different colors they are a great way of storing and organizing paperwork. Photo paper is a high quality, high density paper designed to provide excellent color saturation and print resolution and it is used for photographic image imitation. Photo papers come in a range of sizes with the most popular being A4 and 100mm x 150mm or 6x4 inches A3 and A3+ photo paper is also widely available. Depending on your favorite and intended use photo papers come in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matt finishes.